marijuana-leafCannabis is one of the many gifts Mother Nature has provided us for our healing.  The use of cannabis as medicine dates back thousands of years across many cultures.  Cannabis has captivated us, long before we understood we had an endocannabinoid system, and what that was.

Seshat-Egyptian-Goddess IndianJUrol_2012_28_1_15_94946_u1 1_1281201912_ancient-marijuana-smokers1  imagesAscending Health, LLC works with those interested in utilizing cannabis as medicine to create custom diet, lifestyle and herbal protocols that can catalyze the healing process, relieve the body, and revitalize the spirit.

Cannabis is such a versatile plant.  Each strain offers a unique combination of cannabinoids, terpenes, and medicinal properties.  Pairing the right strain with an individual’s needs, synergistic herbs and the most advantageous method of administration can accelerate the healing process.

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Whether you have questions about juicing, strains, making medicine (tinctures, rso, full plant extract, FECO, Cannabis oil, medibles, suppositories, vapor cartridges, etc…), taking medicine, detoxification, or healing crisis, we are here to support you on your journey to wellness.

Get the most from your medicine.  Visit our SERVICES page to schedule a consultation today!

Are you are CA state patient with a recommendation?  Fractal Farmacy (our medicine crafting collective) would be happy to assist you with custom medicine for your specific needs.  Our website will be up soon…  If you are interested in custom medicine, please contact us via the SERVICES page.



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